Other Stuff

A grab bag of projects, pictures, and other odds and ends. Some of it is getting pretty archival, but if you're looking for the new stuff it's out front...

Photography Classes

If you are a student in one of my classes, you can get to your class site from the next page. If you are thinking of taking one of those classes, check out the course information to make sure the class is what you're hoping for.

Graduate Studies

In May 2009 I finished Alfred University's MFA program in Electronic Integrated Arts. Although I have been a student for my whole career, it has been decades since I have sat in a classroom as a student. It has been quite a change of pace, and a lot of fun too. Here is a look at some of the work that came from that other life.

Wild, Possibly

A book of poetry and pictures about fifteen miles of desert canyon in Utah. This is a collaboration with poet Kath Anderson. Here are a few spreads. The rest is available as at blurb.com.

Take Stock, Images of Change

Historic stock images from the civil rights movement and the struggle for farm workers' rights. I built this site for Matt Herron, who is one of five photographers represented in this collection. It's an inspiring example of the power and importance of honest documentary photography.